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WITH our team of specialists, your apartment will comply with the different regulations

Tourist license

We carry out all the procedure with the Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) to obtain a license number for your property.

Occupation license

We manage with the Urban Planning Management of the Seville City Council to obtain the Occupancy License for your home; if it does not exist, we will advise you on requesting a new one.

National police

Registration in the “Hospedería de la Policia Nacional” service so that you can register, as required by law, guest staying at your property upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is no occupancy license for my home?

In principle, all homes built after 1988 should have a copy of their License from the Urban Planning Department. However, there are cases where it does not exist. If this circumstance occurs, with the intervention of a architect, a report should be made to request a new license from the Urban Planning Department.

What about from the registration in the National police

All properties that are used for tourist purposes have the obligation to register the
guest's data during their check in process to the National Police through a
standardized form.
However, to register with the Police, since 2019, it is mandatory that the owner
personally go. We could only go on your behalf through a power of attorney for this

How long does it take to legalize a tourist home?

The answer depends on whether or not the apartment has an Occupancy License. If
available, the process is very fast and in less than a week, depending on appointment
availability with the National Police, everything could be done.
If you do not have an Occupancy License, it would depend on the time of completion
of the Report by the surveyor, as well as how long it takes the Urban Planning
Management to grant it. This could take several months.